This was a great article and cuts through the hype to the reality. Re password lengths, I believe BCrypt (a commonly used hashing algorithm) has a maximum length of 72 characters, so there are some limitations. But yeah, conbsistency of UX is important!

A few little things for you to consider for the consumer use case. “Nano” (previously known as Raiblocks) has had a rough yeah so far with the Bitgrail hack and a few other things, but it’s the best contender for consumer spending. Zero fees, transactions that literally take < 20 secs (< 10 in most cases). Would suggest that you try it out and just send money back and forward. Which you can.. because it’s free. Consider that you want to try selling something, maybe at a local market, but you don’t want to go through the pain of getting VISA card support. Something like Nano allows *anyone* to receive money, anytime, instantly. There’s probably a particularly strong argument around “microtransactions” where you’re selling something for cents / pennies.

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