There seems to be an argument being made that if a technology requires a compiler, that takes time in the ci/cd pipeline and is therefore evil. Firstly, some of the best programming languages out there must be compiled. The operating system you are using right now is all based on compiled code that takes time to build. Compilers give us strong typing, optimised code and compile time errors that prevent entire classes of bugs. This is why Typescript had become so popular. Hint, it’s not because everyone wants to get pedantic about types when they code. It’s because we want to write code with fewer bugs and code that is more comprehensible to our team mate.

Embrace the technologies that reduce bugs, increase readability, and that encourage an easy to understand and predictable structure. Embrace microservices and microsites so compile times are kept low and refactoring parts becomes more manageable.

Lead PHP developer for Elucidat and technology enthusiast