I think the best of times has already passed us over. It was called the 80’s, a magical era. The cold war was a dim memory and anthropogenic climate change, though known about by some scientists, wasn’t really thought about or feared widely. We didn’t have to question using plastic and our oceans were still pretty healthy. The future was going to be flying cars and excitement beyond our imaginations. In short, it was a good time to be alive and even the music reflected that.

Now if you allow yourself to think about the state of things and even worse, the state of things to come, it’s pretty dark and hard to enjoy the moment.

We try to not use our car, to reduce our consumption and energy use, to donate what we can to plant trees, to not use plastic, to eat less meat, to not eat ocean fish and remember to boycott the global companies driving the world into a polluted dog eat dog mess. And let’s not get started on the pandemic.

Fifty years from now we might have critical food shortages in parts of the world that can no longer grow food, large slabs of land under water and other parts not livable because it’s too hot, increased incidence of disease and maybe even old diseases resurfaced thanks to whatever may lay hidden in the melting permafrost. All of this backed by societies becoming more desperate, less educated and less tolerant.

Yup, enjoy the moment whilst you can.

Lead PHP developer for Elucidat and technology enthusiast